this me

& this is STILL not a blog

honestly, this is for no one

if you're here

hey how are ya

but this side of the web was not made for you

I made this for me

(selfish I know)

millennials amiright *rolls eyes*

but this is a place for me to:

word vomit anything & everything

post millions of pictures

get the heck away from the evil

time-consuming and mind-numbing 

grips of social media


a great way for me to look back through my life

year by year

weird story by goofy thought

maybe some videos

maybe some recipes or something

if I decide to get that nuts


if you are here

know you are welcome to sift through

check in on me

whatever makes your heart happy

besides- it's just so kind of you to care at all

we need more people like you

on this spinning sphere

- Haven


(AKA Courtney Havens for you

weirdos that have to get technical)