• courtneyhavens

cloudy and 73

i just sat on my swing

listened to the birds talking all around me

felt the breeze

turned on some angelo de augustine

and closed my eyes

i swear i couldn’t help it

but tears, the good kind, puddled in the corners of my eyes

it was cloudy and 73

my pups were laying in the grass near me

i just got back from a sweet walk with my mother and grandmother

all the pups came along, even Katie

we laughed and took it slow, stopping every now and then to rest

so when i got back, i just sat and took it all in

quarantine hasn’t been too kind on my heart

but today, i reeled it all in and reflected

it could be worse

of course it could be

so i am thankful

beyond thankful

for my family

for my friends

for Xan and Lucy

for my home and health

for this weather

for every memory

for every moment i’ve taken a breath

i’m just thankful for this life i’ve lived

all of it

the bad, the good, the in-between

i’ve learned so much

i’ve loved so much

i’ve felt it all and let it go

today i’m just thankful for life

and i hope i can find a moment every day

no matter the weather

to remember this

“swangin’” 4/9/20