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goodbye ohio (bonjour tiny house)

surprise surprise I’m moving again

and that’s roughly 8x in just the last 5 years

I know your 20s are all about finding yourself

but DANG its like Where’s Waldo 2.0 out here

I’m not here for the I told-you-so’s

I told me so

I told me so but my little butterfly wings

said “its time for a new adventure!”

so of course Ohio was the answer?

all I knew was Ross is an angel

and he deserves all the happiness in the world

so Ohio it would be

I wanted an adventure anyway

I guess I just didn’t put much thought into what kind of adventure that meant for me

I didn’t even last a year here (oops)

& spent a cumulative 5 months alone


on the surface it’s easy to say I regret it

but deep down I don’t think I really do

I’ve never been alone before

not really

not “spend the holidays on the couch reading letters from your family and friends while you get buried alive in snow until April” alone

I learned A LOT about myself

I’ll cherish memories

and I’ll hold onto some great friendships

of course I cried, and questioned so much

but those little pockets of true

undisturbed self-perception

were everything

I feel like I have roots now

real roots

the kind you can carry and build a life around

I am nervous

somewhat good nervous

somewhat scared of what’s next

but I’m also happy

and that’s also everything

it was just a few weeks ago

I came to the conclusion TX was “what’s next”

I drew that from many reasons

but, for now, the short story is

I need to be with my family and friends again

so I’m taking it back 6 years

and living on the ranch

in between my mother and grandmother

my cowboy dad and my uncle

in a tiny home (dreams come true kids)

a 22x6 foot little treasure

along with my 2 pups

8 more days

until the drive across America begins

I feel like I must add

it wasn’t all doom and gloom

(proof down below)

just not where I’m meant to be

and that’s ok

goodbye ohio

12/18 - 10/19

”ohio in a nutshell”

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