• courtneyhavens

hey me, just casually checkin’ in during a pandemic

who. woulda. thunk.

the next time i wrote anything would be during a worldwide pandemic

well to jot down and skim through a few chapters since moving back to TX:

  • tiny house living turns out to be pretty rad

  • my pups are clearly living their best lives (lucy looks athletic af? didn’t know i had fattened her up lolol oops)

  • xan is a hot mess but also thriving (also she ate some wild animal but we’re not going to talk about it)

  • i am essentially lucy and xan (minus eating a wild animal- the pandemic hasn’t come to this yet)

  • i haven’t really broadcasted my “weight-loss journey” because i feel like anytime i really start to talk about any “new thing” i’m trying that juju I put out into the universe always bites me in the ass and i crash and burn BUTTT i’ve lost over 30lbs since i’ve moved back and that’s all i’m sayin’ on that (*universe i swear...)

  • it’s taking a hot min but i’m soooo close to getting my TEFL certificate (literally just have to write one tiny essay BUT what’s the rush, i can’t leave my house- clearly South Korea plans are postponed THANKS TO THE GUY WHO JUST HAD TO EAT A RAW BAT)

  • i’m just squeezing this in here because i don’t want to talk about it but i feel like i need to say something. some overwhelmingly tough times have happened since moving back and i feel like i almost lost myself in the deep-end there for a min. definitely the hardest few months i’ve ever had to go through...but as the optimistic SOB i am, i’ve just been chuggin’ along, trying to find myself, making better choices and always searching for the silver linings- which i have and i’m doing ok now

  • ALSO i would say i’m GREAT, but as of March 19th- when i became unemployed because of the mf WHO ATE A RAW BAT- literally isolating myself completely for my family’s sake and having ZERO physical human contact (I COULD USE A HUG SO BAD RIGHT NOW it’s not even funny) has really taken a toll on me mentally.

  • the following things are keeping me sane: hammocking (apparently that’s not a word? and why not??) and fishing by the lake, my pups, walks with my mum (6ft apart of course), working on my health and fitness, air-hugs from my sweet gram who writes me letters even though we have the same mailbox, memes (i hate myself for saying this but it’s true), group messaging with the gang, and the one plant i haven’t killed yet. that’s what i have right now.

  • i forgot to mention that one of the biggest blessings since moving back is finally making music again AND PERFORMING??

  • if i traveled back through time to last year and told myself that i would FINALLY be PAIN-FREE, healthier and more fit than i have been since 2013, working a job i love (which in-turn has lead me to some great opportunities and friendships), FINALLY chasing my dream of becoming an ESL teacher, AND I MAKE MUSIC AND PERFORM IT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE??? i would’ve slapped myself.

  • but seriously, minus crying myself to sleep because of the HUMAN WHO ATE A RAW BAT AND DESTROYED THE WORLD, i am exactly where i’m supposed to be right now and i can still see the silver linings.

anyways that was supposed to be a short glimpse into life since my last post, obviously i don’t understand “short.”

honestly there’s so much more i have whirling around in my brain but for now that’ll do, pig. that’ll do. (invader zim, duh)