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well hello there, friend

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

I must reiterate this one last time

this is NOT A BLOG

don't put baby in a corner

but this is my first entry

I am redundantly stating now (for myself of course) that there are absolutely no expectations of what I should do and when because I AM MY OWN.

life gets CraZY & I get LaZy so if I post anything at all consider it gold

of course it would be wicked if I actually kept up with my thoughts, pictures, etc..

so I had a solid place to come back and reflect on my life

but I don't like making promises because I have a tendency to jump ship

I'm just going to ride this wave and see where it takes me

I can't let myself down if I don't have anything to let myself down over!



this is my "space" if you will

no not myspace.com (rip)

but my little slice of this terrifyingly vast universe

my safe haven (lol) if you will

THUS there are also no rules

no necessary perfect grammar spelling punctuation or even format

not even categories for what kind of content to expect


I just want to spill this ink on some paper

so have fun scrambling through the smudges


and since you're never too old to make some changes

I declare a new nickname

because "Courtney"

just ain't cuttin' it for me and I quite like my last name

so on this day of September 2019

I officially declare myself: Haven

prob won't catch on

BUT BY GOLLY A GIRL'S GOTTA TRY because how plain is "Courtney"

(sorry dear sweet parents of mine)

1994 was a weird time

- Haven

(gosh DANG that felt good)

9/22/19: "cornfield face"

(most recent picture of my face ok)

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